Fees California Mobile Notary Public Fee

Notaryship State of California has set state established set maximum fees for notarial signing mobile notary public fee depends on how many documents.

  • Acknowledgements - $10
  • Certified Copy of Power of Attorney - $10
  • Oaths and Affirmations - $10
  • Jurats - $10
  • Power of Attorney - $10.00

Upfront Establishes Fees

  • *"Local" In-Escrow-Office Enhance Granting - $200 .00
  • In job site Progress Granting - $200.00
  • *"Local Mobile Notary" On the spot signing - $200.00
Premiums Local Mobile Notary Services (included if needed) Enhanced Nobile Notary Service)
  • *(A Local Los angeles California Local Notary Travel Fee Will Apply To Your Signing)

*The rate recorded above to the matter of loan document closing signing companies. Please contact us or call us today

a.. Confirmation of identification require on all document closing signing.
b.. Please have all your documents together doing the notary signing.
c.. If you have any questions or inquiries please figure out all your question replies before we arrive.
d.. Assuming that witness are their please make plan to have them introduce when the public notary public arrives.
e.. All legal official document authentication mobile notary public signing. Their will be a travel fee to your location documents

Mobile Notary Services

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